Artistic inspiration began at an early age for Kristina Striukova. Growing up in Lithuania, she was surrounded by European culture and traditions. As a young girl, she found her most natural expression through her innate artistic abilities. She explored drawing and painting with a precocious determination and curiosity. Throughout high school, a career in art seemed inevitable. Upon entering college, her love for art, function and design took precedence and she ultimately earned her Bachelors Degree in Product Design.

"Abstract painting has become my passion. Many of my paintings are inspired by outdoor adventures, in particular, my respect and admiration for the ocean and everything it represents - both from above and below. For me, there’s immense joy and excitement as a painting takes on a life of its own.  Mixing paint into resin and letting it flow requires a certain balance of patience, understanding and ultimately technique. It starts with a collection of colored shapes on a canvas, but with a little bit of movement, the painting becomes a “living” being, each with a unique and individual personality. One must have the ability and presence to let go and free oneself from limitations. I work at achieving this state, both technically and mentally. The results are often unexpected, joyful and - dare I say it - transcendent."